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 Project FreeH 4, TT: [8CS: Chronicle of the Sacred Rune]

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PostSubject: Project FreeH 4, TT: [8CS: Chronicle of the Sacred Rune]   Mon Apr 21, 2008 11:56 pm

Yak, berhubung ini pertamanya kalinya saya bikin script, langsung saja inilah script yang nantinya akan diwujudkan sebagai game yang tujuannya sebagai item kenang2an kelas kami (walau kelihatannya jadi melenceng banget...)

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Of where all things started…

Realm of chaos… of light and darkness…

Why am I here?

What’s the reason for me to be here?

What for?

This feeling I never experienced before…


What is this?

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I just stood up here…

Who am I?

Why am I here?



The name they used to call me with…

Theodore Hardrain Shadowknight…

I must be here for a reason…

I have that name not for nothing…





Sound is buzzing in my head…

Did someone…
Call me?

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Nite’s Chronicle Chapter 1: A Boy, and What They Called “Unaccepted”

Class time

8C Class

“Theo! How many time I’ve told you not to sleep during lesson?” Lady Ayi, my teacher scolded me. “Pay attention, okay?”

“it’s been the third this week… are you really okay?” Nathan, my seat partners whispered

“I’m okay, totally okay.” I answered

“Geez…” he replied “By the way… have you think of a name for your ‘Fighter Baptism’?” he asked

“Well… I think so…” I answered

“You better do, the Fighter Baptism is today, you know!” he replied

“Hey! You two over there! Be quiet!” Lady. Ayi scolded us

“Well… just think, okay!” Nathan whispered for the last time
The time passes… the bell almost ring… and… shoot! I haven’t think any name for my Fighter’s Baptism! I guess I’ll think about it during the test…


A secret...
Is a secret no more once it's uncovered...
But what am I... where do i came from...
Shall remain secret forever...
I'm the Last... the last CODE...
The last... Cerebral Ordered Destroyer Existence...

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Project FreeH 4, TT: [8CS: Chronicle of the Sacred Rune]
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